Welcome to JoCTEC

The Journal of Communication Technology is the official journal of the Communication Technology division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The expressed aim of this journal is to bring together research that facilitates discussion and cultivates understanding of the ways in which communication technologies are changing not only media processes and content, but also audiences, institutions, and society at large. Since communication technologies themselves have now come to fulfill a central, social role in virtually all forms of mediated communication, JoCTEC welcomes scholarship from a broad area of inquiry. Provided that the focus pertains to communication technologies, this includes but is not limited to studies of advertising, science, networks, health, politics, history, policy, public relations, management, economics, ethics, minorities, visual communication, and social media.

In addition, as the journal is vitally positioned in a growing international field, it strives to be a home for all theoretical and methodological perspectives. Research that informs debates from comparative empirical perspectives is especially welcome, though more conceptual and theoretical approaches are equally invited. Altogether, systematic and rigorous scholarship of communication technologies and their impacts from virtually any approach from micro to macro and throughout sub-disciplines will be considered.

What types of material will JoCTEC publish?

Original refereed research articles in both brief and full format as well as software or book reviews.  As an online-only journal, JoCTEC follows the most stringent standards of double-blind peer review, and encourages cutting edge and innovative scholarship that is of great use to field at large.  This therefore includes not only research articles but also commentary on software and practices for doing research.  We encourage engaged, civil, debate on topics and issues that are of practically applied and more theoretically driven outcomes.

The Journal of Communication Technology is and will remain a cross-cutting interdisciplinary media studies journal, which is thus interested in contributions from disciplines related to or impacted by innovations in media, such as political science, sociology, medicine, and philosophy, among others.

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